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Hi OM,thank you for visit my blog and knocking on the door of 16HS786,my name is Fernand I’m born in the month December of 1949,I’m on retirement since 2010 and i live since i was born in Deinze a city of approximately 30.000 inhabitants located along the River the Lys in the province of East-Flanders with wwl. jo10sx  and latitude: 50°59 N, longitude: 03°31 E,we have also in Deinze folklore,is given to us from the ancient past,becausse Deinze originated as Donsa or Dunsa,what that means is still unkown but possibly it refers to a moss area,these earliest mention we find it back in the years 840.The folklore  Canteclaer (see picture) 50th execution this year in May, why a chicken? at Deinze is at the weekly farmyard animals market determines the price of slaughtered chicken for Belgium and several European countries around Belgium.Then we have a gem, a beautiful which is coming from the ancient times (14é century) and one of the finest in Belgium and Europe is the castle of Ooidonk for radio amateurs (castle hunters) BCA-001.This castle still belongs to the nobility and can be visited for information see pictures taken during the late evening

What concerns raddioamateurisme there are infinitely many facets in which everyone at a later stage is going to focus on those they most preferred and indicates the most common is to my knowledge, the short wave including the hf bands (there are other frequency bands but I will not describe all of them) which for the Radio Amateur available are provided for the submission of the necessary license which is obtained by the necessary tests to go.
Then one can begin when a good antenna and transmitter available with the various modes including, phonie on usb and lsb cw (morse signals) and then falling in recent years has increased considerably with the advent of the computer and the necessary software rtty, sstv (slow scan TV) and many other digital modes including bpsk and many others.
The software is present in large numbers, one better than the other but then in use and its configuration, but for sound and necessary texts to provide the user must ensure is that okay, you can download of these programs the Internet that are free or pay to have the choice: mmvari, mmtty, mmsstv, multipsk, mixw, fldigi and others.
With this software and hamsphere virtual radio you can do  that all , although this hamsphere on radio anyway in my opinion along low side even in cw can also work here but there is much to turn up.I myself am satisfied with hamsphere, but I prefer the real radio job but someone with problems on the legislation and antennae places this is recommended is continued classification spirit of hamradio and it’s cheap too we must not permit free transmission device only computer, software, Internet, headset and you’re ready so our friend Kelly 5B4AIT here has a gap in the market found but one has to make sure everything is still running and remains up to date and within the standards remains congratulations 5B4AIT to Kelly ( also SM7NHC ).
about this hobby has been already written many books and you can still write a lot this hobby in all its facets be interesting but too much to do.
Thanks for visiting my blog, do not forget to close the door and it goes well maybe to you later on frequency 73, Fernand de 16HS786

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   A word about our gem castle Ooidonk BCA-001

The lovely Ooidonk castle, once the home to the earl of Horne, is one of the finest in the country and is still inhabited by the owner. The castle was numerously involved in conflicts between cities duriing the 14th and 15 century and saw its fair share of religious wars during the 16th century. In 1595 the medieval castle was rebuilt and given its current looks thanks to Maarten della Faille. The outer view, the towers especially, crow-step gables and many chimneys evoke the images of Loire castles such as Chambord.The castle was brought into the modern age in 1870 without removing the original renaissance style and was opened to the public from 1958 on. The castles interior is filled with precious furniture, silver, paintings and family portraits. The successive owners and the current earl Juan t’ Kint de Roodenbeke, have always achieved to maintain the rural panoramic view of the grounds. The gardens are exquisite and worth a visit.  For pictures inside the castle go to

Latest news, previous Saterday 04 August 2012 was in the grounds of Duns Castle in Duns, Scotland is a ceremony where the broterhood of the castle in Ooidonk Bachte-Maria-Leerne (Deinze) and Duns Castle was again endorsed. Signed in August 2011 Count t’Kint the Roodenbeke the charter already Ooidonk the castle,during the “Scottish Days”in Ooidonk. Now that fraternization was also sealed in Scotland. Both castles are now twinned with the intention of each and both regions together to promote.The ceremony was attended by among others the Count t’Kint the Roodenbeke,Baron Adrien t’Kint the Roodenbeke, Alick and Aline Hay owners of Duns castle, and a delegation of the board of the Scottish Days in Deinze,promoters for this twinning .  


             Once Past A Long Time Ago

Yes,i meself have started in the years 1965 i was 16 years with a few friends that also intrested haden in radio production but also broadcasting on midium wave and short wave,it was the time of the nordsea radiopirates including the english radio caroline ,the dutch radio veronica and many others also a belgium radio station for a short time called radio uilenspiegel (owl glass) .So we tried this also but even with such a thing called transmitter on the short wave with 100 watt qrm to  the airwaves and i do mean qrm, one of the friends went to school and taught electronics for radio and television and high frequent (hf) and so we get the bug and began to pick our time and my pirates on shortwave and ham bands, but the first was  much listen fortunately there was an amateur in the neighbordhood where we learned a lot, and later when we once had with the controle service was the end of it,then we went on tour regelmentaire also qrm to make but gradually improved as the years of wisdom and experience.Now that young violence is out we will also say again that there is no diciepline and respect among the operators also  hamsphere is that if you should just take a listen especially in contest and pill ups even in simple qso,just read the news story qso-types of kelly 5b4ait an instructive tale of how we  as well and fair with each other can do there are many users of hamsphere and radioamateurs who do not know what the q-code is and understanding of them,therefore was in the early years required to obtain first a swl license and that was to learn to listen and understand the language and codes.Recently i sit  on hamsphere calling cq on clear frequentie in mode rtty, is there someone coming on my head calling also cq, nobody answer but continouse with cq but does not my call and ther was nobody else,so then i’ll go elsewhere calling cq. A GOLDEN BOARD LEARNING TO READ OR LISTEN AND THEN RESPOND then you will surely get an answer from me, we can all make mistakes but we should learn from.

16HS786, Fernand








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